NEWCOMERSTOWN (Tusco TV) - Law enforcement agencies from around the area searched all morning and into the afternoon but were unable to locate an armed, bloody man reportedly seen breaking into a truck on Goodrich Avenue.  

Newcomerstown Police Chief Gary Holland says the sighting prompted a lockdown at the Newcomerstown school buildings as state troopers, sheriff’s deputies and a helicopter all joined in the search. The lockdown was called off a little before 1:30 pm, with Holland saying they had reason to believe the suspect was no longer in the area. 

“He could be anywhere, but we don’t think so based on what we have. We kind of developed a suspect or person of interest, and we were pinging his phone and it was slow-moving down to the Guernsey/Tusc line. Now it’s gone. He’s down south somewhere,” he says.

Holland says they don’t yet know why the man was bloody, although they believe he may have been injured. 

“At this point, until we can collect up the suspect, we don’t know,” Holland says.

Holland says they will now work to confirm the man's identity through the witness and blood samples collected from the truck so they can get a warrant for his arrest.

The suspect’s name is not being released at this time, but Holland described him as a white male with tattoos in his mid-twenties, between 5-foot-8 and 5-foot-10 in height. 


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