Dover, Ohio (WJER) - Forecasters are saying get ready this week for what could be some of the coldest weather we’ve had in years. 

Ohio News Network Forecaster Jeff Booth says an arctic air mass is arriving by mid-week. We’ll start to feel its effects Tuesday, and by Wednesday, wind chill values could dip to well below zero. 

“It looks like when we’re at our coldest, our wind chill values are going to have the potential to drop to around 15 to 25 below, maybe a few spots a little colder than that,” he says. “This is dangerously cold.”

Booth says frostbite could possibly occur in a matter of minutes if you’re outside and not covered up.

“Make sure that you are bundled up, especially Wednesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning, as well,” he says.

He says this cold spell will only last a few days, though, as temperatures expected to get back up into the 40s this coming weekend.


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