Tuscarawas County, Ohio - The United Way of Tuscarawas County is asking area business and organizations to support local health and human services programs by hosting an employee dress-down day.

United Way Community Resources Coordinator Susan Reidenbach says they’re hosting their third-annual Post-Holiday Blues Jean Day this Friday to raise funds toward their annual campaign, and they’re looking for employers who would like to participate.      

“We’re working with local businesses and corporations and schools, banks, and they commonly have a dress-down day throughout the week or throughout the month. This Friday, we’re just encouraging them to do a jeans day for the United Way, and that any contributions or donations that they make to wear jeans that day, that we can be the beneficiary of those donations,” she explains.

Reidenbach says businesses can contact the United Way to get stickers to sell to their employees.

“If they just want to contact me directly here at the United Way, and that’s Susan Reidenbach at 330-343-7772,” she says. “What we have done [is] we printed off some stickers, labels that say Jeans Day for United Way that if you participate, you can wear one of those stickers, and I would be happy to get those to you.”

Reidenbach says they’re also inviting employers to put their own spin on the fundraiser. 

“Big Brothers Big Sisters, they typically wear jeans on Friday anyway, I believe, so they’re looking to do a hat day that you pay to participate to wear a hat because they already have that benefit on Friday, so you can make it a twist,” she says. “You can make it a jersey day. You can make it a spirit day, help support Ohio State or the Cavs or your favorite local school team.” 

She says businesses can also dress down on a different day if this Friday doesn’t work for them. 

“We do have some other area businesses and stuff that throughout the year they’ll do a jeans day and donate the money back to us, so we’re always appreciative. If they’re not able to participate this Friday, any day is always a great way to help support the United Way,” she says.

Reidenbach says all proceeds from the fundraiser will go to the United Way’s annual campaign that supports 20 local programs and 12 partner agencies. 

“Those are agencies that help with health and human service programs, families in need, health and wellness. We try to keep it so the money stays local, helps the Tuscarawas County residents, and we show that the money can be used in a great way to help their friends and neighbors,” she says.

The campaign wraps up in February, and Reidenbach says the results will be announced on Valentine’s Day during the United Way’s Annual Luncheon.


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