Uhrichsville officials are thinking about putting temporary roadblocks up on Eastport Avenue to keep people from speeding through the construction area. (Stacey Carmany, Tusco TV)

UHRICHSVILLE (Tusco TV) - City officials are considering blocking off part of Eastport Avenue amid an ongoing construction project to try to keep drivers from speeding through that area. 

Mayor Rick Dorland says they’re looking at several different types of barricades to keep people from driving through the construction zone since they don’t have the manpower to have police there all the time keeping an eye on the situation. Dorland says they had road closed signs up earlier in the year during the utility work portion of the project, but he says some people just ignored them. 

"We had a girl on the first phase drive right past the road closed sign, ripped off the oil pan on her vehicle, drove it two blocks to her boyfriend’s house, then called us and wanted to the city to pay for her repairs to her vehicle," he says.

Dorland says they could put up concrete or water-filled barricades for the resurfacing portion of the project that’s beginning this week, but he says that could create an issue if the contractor has to move them. 

"Either one, they’re heavy and if a contractor would need them moved for some reason, is it gonna be our responsibility? Are they going to call and try to get a hold of one of my guys to get a piece of equipment or will they just go ahead and do it? I don’t know but we’ll do everything we can to rectify the problem," he says. 

Dorland says if they do end up putting barricades up, they would have to leave enough room for locals to drive through so he’s not confident that will solve the problem.


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