Uhrichsville, Ohio - A new ordinance approved by city council will give entrepreneurs an additional way to promote their businesses. 

During their regular meeting on Thursday, council approved legislation to allow businesses to place advertising signs on city sidewalks, a practice that was previously prohibited in the city.

The new rule was championed by Councilman Eric Harmon, who said he felt that reversing the ban would be a proactive step for the community.

“What the ordinance allows is for downtown businesses to place like A-frame signs or T-frame, sandwich board signs is basically what they are, to place those on sidewalks,” he explains. “I’ve done some research and studying and more small businesses and restaurants are moving toward this trend.”

Harmon says he began researching the issue after being contacted by a downtown business owner who wanted to put out a sign.

“After about a month, I got on the ball and worked with the law director, mayor and president of council to get this ordinance enacted,” he says.

Harmon notes that the ordinance does include some stipulations about where and when businesses owners can put out their signs. 

“The businesses are only allowed to place them out in the fall, the spring and the summer and during their hours of operation. If there is a heavy rain or heavy snowfall, they are not allowed to have the signs placed on the sidewalks,” he says.

The ordinance permits each licensed business to put out one sign no larger than to six feet across and four and a half feet in high. Signs must be insured and cannot be placed in a street or alley or near an intersection, crosswalk ramp or driveway. Any sign found to be unsafe or hazardous will be subject to removal. 


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