UHRICHSVILLE (Tusco TV) - Residents are getting an opportunity to clear out their clutter this week during the city’s three-day spring cleanup.

Uhrichsville’s 2019 Community Cleanup is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the City Garage located at 126 North Main St. Mayor Rick Dorland says they will have several large receptacles available on all three days for residents to deposit their unwanted and hard to dispose of items, minus all the usual exceptions.  

“We provide the trash dumpster, and we ask the residents to bring their stuff in and dump it themselves, and of course, it can’t be anything hazardous, no household trash, no tires, no paint and stuff like that,” he says.

Dorland says unlike a similar event hosted by their sister city, this will be a self-service collection. 

“It’s a little bit different than what Dennison does. Dennison, they’ll go out and pick up stuff for the residents and then dispose of it. We can’t do that because we’re limited on manpower and we’re working hard to get the water park to be ready to be open at the end of the month,” he says.

Dorland says people can call the city at 740-922-1242 with any questions. 

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