Uhrichsville, Ohio (WJER) - City leaders are taking a direct approach to bringing money into the city. 

Council is forming an economic development committee, chaired by Eric Harmon, to find grant opportunities that will improve appearances and open up new opportunities for business growth in the area. 

Harmon says council as a whole has already been working towards these goals, but he says having a committee dedicated to the purpose will be a more productive approach.

“What we want to do is just continue cleaning up Uhrichsville and work on different projects to just improve the quality of life in a cost-effective way. In doing so, we plan on doing different projects with the committee solely off of grants,” he says.

Council President Mark Haney says he put Harmon in charge of the committee as he’s been talking with area business owners and figuring out what will benefit Uhrichsville the most. 

“He brought some ideas to the table on things maybe we can do in this community maybe to help develop some economics,” he says. “Of course, I’m going to give the go-ahead and the approval because I’d like to see this move forward.”

Harmon says he’s excited to spearhead the new committee as they track down money to help out the financially strapped municipality. 

“This is just going to help improve business quality, and it’ll help just improve the city of Uhrichsville and the appearance overall,” he says.

Haney says the group will now begin meeting to create a list of projects they hope to tackle.  


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