Uhrichsville, Ohio - The city’s mayor says people working in their East Second Street headquarters won’t have to get out the buckets when it rains for very much longer. 

Rick Dorland says AM Roof Restoration of Dundee will be coming in this summer to replace the roof on the city building for just over $82,000. Dorland says they’ve tried to maintain the roof over the years, but he says it has gotten to the point where simply patching over what’s already there is no longer an option. 

"It’s leaking, and it’s falling, and it’s ending up in our bathrooms and the hallways, and it’s leaking through the ceiling. The ceilings are starting to fall in," he says. "We’ve got a couple leaks back in the engine room where they park the fire trucks, and there’s electrical outlets and all kind of stuff there, so we just made the decision to do it."

Dorland says there are at least four layers of roofing that will have to come off before the new roof can be installed. He says the project was originally on last year’s to-do list but ended up getting held up so they could bring somebody in to make sure they didn’t have an even bigger problem on their hands. 

"At that time, it was brought to my attention that maybe because the roof is so old there may be asbestos in the roof. Well, they find that and then there’s going to be a lot more money involved. So we had to wait until our local asbestos company could have the weather, the necessary weather to go up and test it, so by that time it was like November or December and it was just too late to do anything," he explains.

Dorland says the only other bid for the project came in at more than $100,000. 



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