UHRICHSVILLE (Tusco TV) - The city may end up tackling a few more road improvement projects this year after a bid to resurface six roads through the countywide paving program came in well under budget. 

Mayor Rick Dorland says they had originally set aside just under $194,000 to pave parts of West Seventh, East Tenth, South Water and Packer streets along with Claymont and Spanson drives. He says the final bid from Shelly and Sands ended up being a little over $142,000, leaving the city about $51,000 to put toward additional projects (like repaving the Trenton Avenue from where an ODOT project leaves off).

"We’re still hoping to piggyback onto the paving once they get the bridge done and Trenton Avenue hill, and that will help us with that, and there may be some left over," he says.

Dorland says they might be able to take care of another street or two yet this year if there’s enough money left over (and the contractor can squeeze it into their schedule). 

"Of course, we’re still collecting money for the paving fund monthly so, hopefully, that’ll help us and we may be able to after the paving program," he says. "We’ll just get with Shelly and Sands and say, 'Hey, what will you charge us to do this road or that road?' So we might be able to get a couple more roads done."

Dorland says he will refer back to the original list of roads due for repaving to figure out which ones they might try to add on. He says this is the second year in a row the bid has come back under budget. 


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