MIDVALE (WJER) - The mayor’s race in Midvale is featuring two candidates familiar with that position. 

One-time interim mayor Larry Kopp is challenging incumbent Donna Kohler, who is running as a write-in candidate Tuesday. Kohler was appointed in November of 2018 and says she wants a full-term now to serve the village.

“I’d like to get this annexed out here by the Midvale Speedway because there’s heavy equipment coming in. It’s going to be ruining our roads, so I’d like to get that annexed in and more things to involve the community,” she says.

Kopp says he would like to bring some stability to the office and implement some two, five or 10-year plans by pursuing grants.

“One of the 10-year plans to have is to move our village hall to a different location so our police department and fire department can expand a little bit and have the room they need to operate so I’m looking for a new place to put that, and I think maybe our park area would be a good place to put it,” he says.

Kopp and Kohler have both previously served on village council, and Kopp is currently a member of the village water board.