The Uhrichsville Police Department K-9 Unit recently posted this photo of items seized during a drug raid at an apartment on North Water Street. (Uhrichsville Police Department K-9 Unit)

UHRICHSVILLE (Tusco TV) - City police are sharing the details of a recent drug bust that resulted in two arrests.

Uhrichsville K9 Sgt. Mike Hickman says officers executed a search warrant Monday evening at an apartment in the 700 block of North Water Street after receiving numerous complaints about suspected drug trafficking. He says during the search, they found an assortment of suspected narcotics.   

"When they went in the residence, they located a large amount of spice, which is suspected marijuana treated with chemicals, methamphetamine, cash, a stolen handgun, numerous pills and numerous pieces of drug paraphernalia in the apartment as well," he says.

Hickman says that spice has been a problem in the area for quite a while. He says this substance is sometimes referred to as ‘fake weed’ although it’s actually more similar to methamphetamine. 

"It’s made of chemicals. The chemicals that they’re spraying on this substance that’s called marshmallow leaf, this chemical comes from China. It’s very, very harmful for you, and they’re spraying this stuff on this marshmallow leaf to affect a high, and it’s slowly killing people," he says.
The two tenants - a male and a female - were both arrested on drug possession charges and transported to the Tuscarawas County Jail. The male was also charged with receiving stolen property. Both appeared in Southern District Court Tuesday for arraignment and have since posted bond. 

Hickman says the department will also be seeking possible felony charges for trafficking drugs within a thousand feet of a school. He says they’re withholding the names of the suspects for pending a formal indictment. 


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