Top: TuscBDD staff members. Pictured from left to right are: Seated - Charlene Herron, Kyle Wells, Lisa Sidoti, Nate Kamban, Kerri Silverthorn, Lynn Angelozzi; second row - Kristen Emerick, Julie Price, Erin Deetz, Kim Meek-Obed, Candice Eckhardt, Beth Starkey, Karly Howell, Amanda Burnsworth; third row - Mark Schott, Joe Murray, Keith Hilbisch, Chris Sapp, Ray Snyder, Stacy Savage, Drew Litty. (Submitted)

Bottom: TuscBDD Starlight School staff members. Pictured from left to right are: Front Row - Sarah Bacon, Ashley Cahaney, Holly Lawver, Katy Ganz, Carie Kline; Back Row – Eva McClave, Joyce Robson, Alisha Ketchem, Farrah Raines, Jamie Ralston-Temesvary. (Submitted)

New Philadelphia, Ohio - The Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities (TuscBDD) is celebrating the earning of
a three-year state accreditation award, the highest possible award granted by the state of Ohio.

Accreditation Reviews are conducted by The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) to ensure that County Boards meet accreditation standards. Based on the results of an accreditation review, a county board is awarded an accreditation from one to three years.

TuscBDD’s review was conducted in early October over a period of two days by DODD’s Office of Provider Standards and Review. The process included an intense review of documentation, on-site visits, individual interviews, human resource files, agency strategic plan, and advocacy efforts. 

The team of reviewers from DODD determined that TuscBDD is exceeding minimum standards of compliance. To conclude the
review, Beth Chambers of DODD left the TuscBDD team with encouraging remarks that commended the Service and Support Administration (SSA) Unit for their attention to the documentation that is required to stay on track and for their remarkable ability to connect and build relationships with the people that they serve. 

Additionally, Chambers praised the emotional and inspiring entrance presentation, during which TuscBDD employees, as well as community members and people served, spoke up about their commitment to quality lives for people living with developmental disabilities in Tuscarawas County. 

During the presentation, Dover Public Library Director Jim Gill and library employee Elise Thompson shared their experience of an inclusive workplace. 

“I have learned a lot from working with Elise; she has taught me to slow down and laugh,” expressed Gill. 

Thompson shared about her desire to work at the library. 

“I liked going to the library when I was little, so I thought I could get a job there,” she said.

Thompson gladly went on to share her new responsibilities. “I am starting to take on more responsibilities at the front desk, and I really like helping people in the library,” she said.

To wrap up the entrance presentations, Special Olympics Athlete Input Council President Alex Adkins spoke about having a say within the organization.

“I want the athletes that I play with to be happy and to get a chance to play the sports that they choose. I think it is important for the athletes to help guide the program,” he said. 

Additionally, six short films were unveiled that document the lives of six people in the Tuscarawas County community that receive services through TuscBDD. 

TuscBDD Superintendent Nate Kamban said the short narratives reveal the essence of TuscBDD’s efforts to promote strong relationships with people that receive services while also highlighting their victories. 

“Our SSA unit, school staff, and the entire agency work hard every day to ensure that people living with disabilities in Tuscarawas County are reaching their goals and living a good life in their community,” he said. “I can’t thank our team enough; we are fortunate to receive zero citations which is great news, but we understand that there is always room to improve and are focused on only getting better.”

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