New Philadelphia, Ohio - The Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office is recognizing the outstanding work of two of its officers by promoting them to the rank of sergeant.

Deputy Matt Stein and Detective Adam Fisher both got their sergeant stripes during a ceremony Tuesday morning at the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office. 

Sheriff Orvis Campbell says one of Stein’s greatest strengths is his attention to detail.

“He checks it. He checks it again. He checks it a third time. He goes home, wakes up in the middle of the night thinking about it wondering if he checked it. He is very precise,” he says.

Campbell says this trait is extremely important because of the type of work Stein does.

“He goes out, arrests people on warrants. He answers calls, but one of his primary duties is he takes care of all the warrants and the entry of important documents, things like protection orders, warrants, and if those aren’t handled very precisely, it’s a problem,” he explains. 

As a sergeant, Stein will oversee the office’s civil division, which handles all warrants and the delivery of legal documents including summonses, subpoenas and lawsuits. He has been with the Sheriff’s Office for 22 years.

Campbell says they stole Fisher in 2014 from his job as a probation officer for Community Corrections. He started his law enforcement career with the CIA Police in 2006 before returning to Tuscarawas and spending six years with the Strasburg Police Department.  

“He’s bounced through a few agencies, and we are very lucky to have him now, and hopefully this will be his last. That’s really my goal,” he says.

Fisher was promoted to detective in 2017, and Campbell says he’s heard nothing but good things about his work.

“I constantly get accolades from the prosecutors and those who have anything to do with his cases. It’s all positive, very positive about the work he does,” Campbell says. “He also comes with this unique set of skills that us older cops don’t have, and that is that he likes computers, and he can do things with computers that I thought were super high-tech and he does them in like seconds.”

Campbell says both Stein and Fisher play an integral role in his office. 




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