Dover, Ohio - The Tuscarawas County Sheriff's Department is encouraging parents to follow some simple tips to keep their children safe during fair week. 

Parents are advised to take a picture of their children before leaving for the fair or upon arriving at the fairground. Sheriff Orvis Campbell says the purpose of the picture is to show exactly the child is wearing and what he or she looked like on the day of the fair. This will help deputies locate children who get separated from their parents.

Parents may also want to consider placing a piece of paper in their children’s pockets with a parent’s name and phone number.

Parents of children old enough to be on their own at the fair on their own are encouraged to have those children walk around with a buddy and designate a place and time to check in.

Campbell says any lost children should be reported right away an officer on duty. The Sheriff's Office has a building located directly behind the grandstand, and deputies will also be out walking around the fairgrounds throughout the week.

Additionally, the department advises parents to watch their children while inside the animal areas and to ask for permission before allowing children to pet any livestock.

Campbell encourages families to have fun and stay safe this week while enjoying all that the Tuscarawas County Fair has to offer.  

"I encourage everyone to stop over and enjoy all that there is to do, especially viewing the incredible animal and display projects by our local 4-H kids. We have the best 4-H kids in the state so please come and support them!"


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