Tuscarawas County, Ohio (WJER) - The county engineer is telling motorists to be cautious driving with potholes popping up all over. 

Joe Bachman says with the large temperature swings, road conditions have continued to deteriorate. He says they just need some dry weather to be able to patch the problems until they can address them permanently in the summer. 

“We have two different methods for patching. We have a basically cold mix, which is asphalt that you shovel into the hole and then we compact it. The other method is our dura-patcher, which sprays kind of a more permanent patch into the area,” he says.

Bachman says it takes significant labor to catch up with the crumbling roads as they keep taking more damage. 

“We have 465 miles of roads, and basically it is a situation where we will probably be patching for three, four, five weeks straight when the weather gets good. It is a very, very time-consuming situation,” he says.

Bachman says all pothole complaints received by his department are recorded so crews can keep track and decide which areas need the most attention.   


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