Tuscarawas County, Ohio (WJER) - The county dog warden is asking for others to keep an eye out for pets being neglected in the extreme cold. 

Terry Warner says he’s been going out with police and deputies checking on dogs in subzero temperatures. He says they’ve been making sure those animals aren’t showing any signs of distress. 

“A dog chained to a box, they can’t talk for their self. We have to speak for them. If anything comes in complaint-wise I will check it out, and so does the sheriff’s department,” he says. 

Warner says if a dog is showing signs of suffering, or if it has no food, water or bedding, he will remove the dog, and the owner could be criminally charged. 

“I will remove that dog for its safety and bring it down here or take it to a vet, but I won’t let no animal suffer, and that is a chargeable offense for animal cruelty,” he says.

Warner says all of the dogs they checked on these past couple days have been ok, with some owners agreeing to bring them into their house or garage.   


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