New Philadelphia, Ohio (WJER) - Tuscarawas County’s auditor is being recognized for his office’s diligence. 

Larry Lindberg recently received the state’s Financial Reporting Achievement award for their accurate reporting of the county’s finances back in 2017. Lindberg says they’ve become familiar with the award and strive for it every year.

“The 2017 report represents the 32nd consecutive that the county has received this,” he says. “We always strive for excellence in reporting, and the recognition from the association is a good indication of that.”

Tuscarawas County Commissioner Chris Abbuhl says the award comes as no surprise as he’s seen the auditor’s office in action through budget work sessions and department meetings.

“That office has always been the kind of go-to office for any information, and Larry always has the time for people,” he says. “He’s an exceptional elected official and public servant, so we’re very proud to have him [as] part of our team.” 

Abbuhl says the accurate reporting every year not only helps them plan the city’s upcoming expenses, but it also allows residents to have a transparent understanding of the county’s financial status.


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