New Philadelphia, Ohio (WTUZ) – The Tuscarawas County Emergency Management Agency is providing a class to help businesses develop to form a blueprint for unplanned events.

The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) creates a system of prevention and recovery for companies to deal with potential threats.

Tusc EMA Director Alex McCarthy says that the eight-hour, instructor-led course is happening today.

“Unfortunately when disaster strikes, a lot of time businesses that are hit hardest have a hard time getting back on their feet especially small businesses. I’ve seen statistics as high as 75% of small business are unable to come back following major disasters.”

The goal is to teach local business owners how to write an effective emergency plan that fits their type of company.

“How to identify key functions within a business that’s necessary for their day-to-day operations, teach how to assess the likelihood of a potential emergency, and how to determine the adequacy of any existing plans or resources they already have.”

McCarthy points out that a huge natural disaster isn’t always the downfall of a small business and that creating a plan allows for overall preparedness. -Mary Alice Reporting

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