DOVER (WJER) - Dover and New Philadelphia community members have again joined a competition where they hope the final score is high for both sides. 

Donors from the two cities lined up at the YMCA in Dover for the 22nd annual Blood Battle Wednesday. Devin Miller of New Philadelphia was there around lunchtime and says he took the day off to plan around giving.

“Me and my wife would donate when we were in high school. We haven’t in a couple years but it was just something we got into the last couple years of high school and thought it was doing good. I mean, we see the signs around saying they’re in desperate need for certain types of blood and it’s not really making up a big part of our day to go out and do it,” he says.

Jacqueline Sanders of Dover says participating at the blood battle has become a tradition, and it was a simple process Wednesday.

“It’s gotten easier over the years. Like, I already filled out all of my stuff, so I just went in, got my stuff checked, donated my blood and here I am,” she says.

The winner of Wednesday’s blood battle will be announced at that game tomorrow. Dover has a slight lead in the all-time series, with 11 wins to Phila’s 9, along with a tie in 2016.