The Tuscarawas County fair board is hosting a demolition derby tonight at the fairgrounds in Dover. (Tuscarawas County Fair - Agricultural Society)

DOVER (WJER) - Drivers are bringing their old cars out to the fairgrounds in Dover hoping to smash their way to victory. 

The Tuscarawas County Fair board is hosting the summer demolition derby this evening, beginning at 6:30 with the kids' power wheel derby, followed by the main attraction. Fair board member Ed Corpman says they try to protect contestants as best as possible, including a rule preventing them from ramming the driver’s side door, which they paint orange.

“I’ve had it in the past guys say I’m taking him out and go for their door. Not with me. I’m not going to deal with somebody getting hurt over stupidity,” he says. “You’re out. Go load up. Go home. I don’t care if you ever come back. I don’t need that mentality. We’re all here to have fun.” 

Corpman says they also look out for the spectators by keeping them a safe distance from the track. 

“For years, people hound me, ‘Why can’t we stand there like you do?’ You wouldn’t believe how many rocks we’ve been hit with, pieces of cars. Just a couple of years ago, Bud Lahmers took one to the temple, and he was in pretty bad shape over that. I’ve been hit many a times. My biggest fear is I do not want to see anyone get hurt,” he says.   

Entry to watch tonight’s demolition derby at the fairgrounds is $5. They’ll also have food vendors on site.  


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