Strasburg, Ohio - Village officials are planning to take care of a few more bumpy roads this year through the countywide paving program.

Council member Roads and Alleys Committee Chairman Don Wallick says the village has a little over $300,000 to spend this year on paving. He says the plan is to address some of the problem areas they haven’t been able to get around to in the last couple of years (including Fourth, Fifth and Sixth streets east of Wooster Avenue).

“Fourth Street NE, Wooster to the end: That would be that side of Wooster Avenue going up the road, it’ll be on the right-hand side. We’re going to try to do the Ninth Street Extension, Bodmer Avenue to Kaderly; Fifth Street NE, again on the right side of Wooster going north, Wooster to the end; Sixth Street NE, Wooster to the end,” he says.

Other roads on the list include parts of Tenth, Brandi and Fourteenth streets in the southwestern part of the village and Tenth Street and Susanna Avenue in the northwest section. Wallick says they will also be doing the roads and parking lots at the park and wastewater treatment plant, but he says those projects won’t be coming out of their general fund.

“Two roads that will come off of that are part of the park project and would be paid out of the park fund and the sewer fund,” he explains.

Wallick says they originally had Third Street NE and Sixth Street SW on the list as well but removed them in favor of the Ninth Street Extension.

“It was inadvertently missed on the main list and that’s in worse repair then the two that we’re going to try to get off of there,” he says.

Wallick says they also looking at possible repairs to Oak and Maple avenues, but he says they need permission from the property owners first so they can put in new curbing. 


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