New Philadelphia, OH (WTUZ) - The New Philadelphia City School District is discussing ways to be proactive in the event there would be an allergic reaction or overdose during school days or at events.

Currently, EpiPen’s are available for individual students with a prescription but under a program, the school would be able to have them prescribed to the district for any allergy emergency.

Superintendent David Brand has heard in other districts of a student or an adult having an unforeseen allergic reaction.

“[Sometimes] children and families don’t know their child has a severe allergy to say bee stings if they’ve never been stung before, and for us to be able to have EpiPens on site to protect our children and keep them safe would be advantageous.”

With the widespread opioid crisis in Ohio, Brand notes that Narcan, also known as Naloxone, a drug that reverses opioid overdoses, would be beneficial to have on hand mainly for school functions and not necessarily for students.

“We are a public place and we do have many people in and out of our facilities as hundreds of events that go one each year. If this could save one life then it’s an important part for us since it is free for the school to have on stock.”

He points out that if they do decide on the Narcan or EpiPen, staff members will be adequately trained.

A decision on either the EpiPen or Narcan, since both would have a cost involved which is among the issue the New Philadelphia School Board is considering. - Mary Alice Reporting

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