New Philadelphia, Ohio (WJER) - St. Patrick’s Day is Sunday, and local law enforcement and health officials are imploring revelers to make responsible choices as they celebrate. 

Safe Communities of Tuscarawas County Coordinator Kelly Snyder says since 2013 more than 230 people have been killed in drunk driving fatalities across the US during St. Patrick’s Day weekend. She says if you’re going to go out to drink this weekend, have a plan for getting home safely.

“Everyone can help make the roads safer just by planning ahead, designating a sober driver, or calling #677 to report impaired drivers, and just make sure that everyone is buckled up every trip every time,” she says.

Sgt. Robert Simone of the New Philadelphia State Highway Patrol post says they will have extra patrols out Saturday night looking for people who are drinking and driving.

“St. Patrick’s Day is, I won’t say the largest drinking holiday of the year because that’s probably more around Thanksgiving time, but it’s definitely up there,” he says. “We realize that the holidays are meant to be fun, however, we need to make sure that people go about them safely and, most importantly, responsibly.”

Officials say designate a driver, give someone your keys, and, if you host a party, allow people to stay overnight if they have been drinking.

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