Uhrichsville, Ohio (WJER) - City residents with a law degree and interest in local government could find a new role as Uhrichsville’s law director. 

Tuscarawas County Republican Party Central Committee Chair Joel Day says they need to fill the vacancy being left by Brett Hillyer, who will be taking office in the Ohio House in January. He says the interviews are being held Thursday evening at 6:15 at Uhrichsville City Hall for eligible candidates.

“You have to live within the corporation limits of Uhrichsville and be a registered Republic voter,” he says.

Day says they are looking for people familiar with a law director’s duties, who ideally have experience in those fields.

“Having a law degree would be the most helpful thing and also understanding municipal law, and also contractual law, too, because the law director has to review and advise on municipal contracts, and also to have experience in writing legislation,” he says.

Day says the interviews are open to anyone who shows up Thursday evening. He says the Central Committee will review those applicants before making a final decision.


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