Visitors will have an opportunity to learn the skills required to survive in the Ohio Wilderness in 1772 during the Frontier Skills event this Saturday at Historic Schoenbrunn Village. (Historic Schoenbrunn Village)

NEW PHILADELPHIA - Historic Schoenbrunn Village is inviting community members to learn what it took to survive the Ohio wilderness in 1772.

The village is hosting its annual Frontier Skills event this Saturday from 10am to 3pm. Visitors of all ages will learn the daily skills necessary for survival in the Ohio frontier including cabin building, wood-working, building a fire, preparing a meal, sewing clothes, hunting and fishing skills and more. These skills will be taught as a “hands-on” experience for all ages.

One session will be cabin building which includes demonstrations of different tools used to build cabins and shape logs, types of wood, and chinking. Another session will be hunting skills which includes stealth walking, food preservation, and competition hunting. These skills were taught and passed down from generation to generation until modern conveniences replaced them. Site Manager Deidra Lute says their goal is to keep these traditions alive by sharing them with visitors.

Frontier skills activities are included with regular admission to the village. Admission is $7 for adults, $5 for seniors ages 60 and up, $5 for children ages 7 to 17, and free for children 6 and under and Historic Schoenbrunn Village members.

About Historic Schoenbrunn Village

In German, Schoenbrunn means “Beautiful Spring” and that is exactly what David Zeisberger found when he founded the Village in 1772. The beautifully restored Village offers 17 reconstructed log buildings returning to a time of America’s beginning. It highlights a time before the American Revolution and a unique meeting of two cultures. The Moravian Missionaries started Schoenbrunn and lived in peace with the Delaware Native Americans. 






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