New Philadelphia, Ohio - The Chipotle restaurant in New Philadelphia is lending a hand to a Starlight School program that gives incentives to students for doing the right thing. 

A third of the proceeds from sales from 4 to 8 tonight will go towards the Positive Behavior Intervention Supports program for children with developmental disabilities. All customers have to do is mention this promotion to the cashier.  

Speech therapist Katy Ganz says students receive positive reinforcement for displaying four positive behaviors like using words or having safe hands and feet. 

“We take data based on the charting from the teachers of the different colors. Each rule has a different color, and students are given dollars for performing those different rules, so if a student is using their words - whether it’s sign language, a communication device, or just talking - they’re given a dollar for following the rule,” she explains.

Ganz says Starlight has seen a correlation between this PBIS program and a reduction in severe behavior for some students, but there is a cost involved with all of this.

“We offer incentives, which include shopping at a Lego store and various pep rallies, but we do need the support of the community to help us raise funds for those kinds of projects, which is why the Chipolte fundraising night is so important to us,” she says.

Ganz says Starlight has received a gold ranking for the program and continues being a model for other schools.


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