Dover Mayor Richard Homrighausen says this nativity display will be back on the town square again for the holiday season, but there's been a request to put a satanic symbol alongside it. (Tusco TV file photo) 

DOVER (WJER) - After the mayor’s decision to move a nativity display back to the square for the Christmas season, a Dover resident has asked about displaying a much different religious symbol. 

Mayor Richard Homrighausen says he decided to move the nativity back to the square after it was moved to a nearby church last year because of a complaint.

“In all my reading and advice from various groups, if you have more than one display on the corner, one’s religious and one’s secular, you can do it,” he says.

Now, council will discuss a request by a resident to put a satanic symbol on the square during the Christmas season. 

“Specifically, the guy just asked the question, and I told him I would ask for an assignment in council. I’m assuming that he wants to do it,” he says.

Homrighausen says he does not have an opinion on the recent request. He says he asked the person who sent the email to come to Monday's council meeting, but he wasn’t there. The mayor says the invitation is still on the table if the resident wants to come to the committee meeting where council will discuss the issue.


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