New Philadelphia, Ohio (WJER) - The city is seeing more of the benefits from a partnership with the Quaker Digital Educational Foundation.  

A few years ago, the two parties agreed to begin selling advertising space on 11 airport hangar windows facing East High Avenue. Now 60 percent of the ad revenue goes to the foundation for scholarships, and 40 percent goes to the city.  

On Monday, foundation representative Tom Farbizo presented city officials with a check for $4,200 for the city’s portion of the profits. 

“They were very happy last night with the whole process and in particular that they saw that we followed through and gave out two scholarship, and then naturally getting $4,200 is kind of a nice bonus on top of it,” he says.

Farbizo says the hangar also got new energy efficient windows out of the deal, which have been helping lower bills there.   

He says a similar arrangement for advertising on the garbage trucks will also soon start producing results.

“Probably in 2019, they’ll be getting a check from the sanitation trucks. Two of the sanitation trucks have advertisements on both sides, and we’re working on the third one right now,” he says.

Farbizo says the foundation was able to give out two $1,000 scholarships with its portion of the revenue this year.     


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