TUSCARAWAS COUNTY (WJER) - Board of Elections Director Gail Garbrandt is looking for precinct election officials to work the voter precincts in March. Garbrandt says applications for poll workers are available at the Board of Elections website for any registered voters in Tuscarawas County to come out and help on election day. For those who don’t want to work the full day in one location, Garbrandt says positions like their precinct liaison offer a diverse election day experience.


“They are assigned to different precincts in Tuscarawas County, and they travel back and forth to those precincts all day long. They have extra machines in their cars; they have extra forms; they have extra tape, pens, pencils, anything you may need at a polling location.”


Garbrandt says the Board of Elections typically needs about 400 people working for them on election day, so they’re always looking for more backup.


“You will be assigned or you will be placed as an alternate because life happens. We’re all busy and we know sometimes, people have to call off; we have to have a cadre of trained people to be ready to go.”


All precinct election officials must attend a 2-hour training session. Their duties on election day begin at 5:45 am at their designated precinct and run until the polls close at 7:30. All precinct election officials are paid a flat $175 for their work.