“I genuinely love our residents, and they made their decision. But I just felt that the man is worth more than what he has.”


So says Bolivar Police Chief Randy Haugh while addressing the Bolivar Town Council, last Monday night. His message follows a recent renewal levy to increase his pay that passed by a large majority.


“Eighty-one percent of our residents spoke when they passed our renewal levy, but I have a sergeant that I think very highly of,” Haugh says. “He is following the footsteps that I wanted in an officer, patrol man, and sergeant. And that is being community-oriented.” 


Haugh says he appreciates the overwhelming support of the residents, but would like to see it benefit his sergeant instead.


“In Finance, whenever they were discussing raises, I made a mention to Council and the Mayor that I wanted to basically not take the raise,” Haugh says. ”We’re a skeleton crew; we do our best. And he loves the residents as much as I do. And I actually tried to defer my raise and deny it, so he could get more.”


Haugh concludes by reiterating his gratitude to the residents of Bolivar.


”We do appreciate the residents passing that levy by eighty-one percent; it spoke volumes. That’s all they needed to say to me to make me feel we’re doing what we’re doing.”


Following Haugh’s address, the Council passed a motion for a special work session meeting to discuss the sergeant’s pay among other issues.


The Bolivar Town Council meets the first Monday of every month at 7 p.m. in Village Hall, located at 117 Canal St.