DOVER (Tusco TV) - The Tuscarawas County Health Department is throwing a party this weekend for area parents, caretakers and soon-to-be moms and dads. 

Health Educator Nicole Dorsey says the health department’s annual Community Baby Shower is this Saturday from 9 to noon at NewPointe Community Church. She says there will be food and games just like a traditional baby shower along with information and resources to help participants keep their kids safe and healthy.

"This year, we decided to give guests more power over what they want to learn so we have done breakout sessions this year. One of the breakout sessions will be on car seat safety. One will be on safe sleep and SIDS risk reduction. One will be on CPR for both infants and children, and one will be on making your own baby food," she says.

Dorsey says they’ll also have door prize giveaways, raffles and chances for people who qualify to pick up a free pack-n-play or a new car seat.

"If you already have a car seat, we’ll check it, make sure it’s safe and not recalled or expired. If it does happen to be unsafe and you’re eligible for the program financially, then you would get your car seat replaced there," she says. 

Pre-registration is encouraged but not required to attend Saturday’s Community Baby Shower. Dorsey says people can register online at