An ongoing painting project at the Tuscarawas County Courthouse Annex has now moved into the lobby area. (Stacey Carmany, Tusco TV) 

NEW PHILADELPHIA (Tusco TV) - Tuscarawas County commissioners are asking courthouse annex visitors to watch their step for the next couple of weeks as a $120,000 painting project moves into the heart of the building. 

Commissioner Joe Sciarretti says workers have been on site for more than a month replacing the building’s aging wallpaper and repainting. He says they now have scaffolding up in the atrium so those workers can get to some of the harder to reach areas, so he says people need to be mindful of that during their visits.

“We have signage out there. Everything’s been done to the utmost in terms of safety but certainly, you should always have a sense of precaution for walking around any construction site,” he says.

Sciarretti says they don’t know yet when the work will be complete, but he says they’re hoping to get through this portion of the project as quickly as possible for the sake of the public and the workers. 

“Right now, our prayers are with the contractors as they’re up there because it’s extremely hot. I was told at the top part it’s above 200 degrees because of the skylight so they’re working with fans,” he says. “That portion of the job, for them in particular but it’s also for our citizens walking in and out won’t be finished soon enough.” 

Sciarretti says they’re expecting more foot traffic with property taxes due July 19th, so he wanted people aware of the construction. He says property owners can mail their taxes or take advantage of the treasurer’s drive-thru window if they don’t want to come into the building. 


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