New Philadelphia, Ohio (WTUZ) – Ahead of the Fourth of July celebration, the New Philadelphia Fire Department encourages residents to follow a few safety tips.

Chief Jim Parrish explained how firework injuries account for a large portion of emergency room visits this time of year.

“Sparklers account for roughly ¼ of emergency room firework injuries. The tip of a sparkler burns at 1200 degrees and that’s very hot so it doesn’t take very long for that to ignite clothing or burn the skin. It’s really important to be careful if you have children using those that they are supervised.”

Parrish added that more than 18,500 reported fires a year are caused by fireworks.

“If you want to see fireworks, go to a place where there are professionals exhibiting the fireworks such as First Town Days or other fireworks displays in the area.”

State law allows Ohioans to purchase fireworks but you must have a license to set them off.

While Fireworks are a fun and patriotic way to celebrate, at the end of the day officials want residents to celebrate in a safe manor.

“We just want people in the community to enjoy the holiday and be safe as we celebrate our independence. A lot of people have served this country so we can have our freedom. We just want people to be careful and have a good time.”

For more safety tips visit - Michele Spring Reporting

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