Four local law enforcement officers are part of a team raising money for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital by competing in the Warrior Dash on July 20th at Clay's Park Resort in North Lawrence. The team (from left to right) includes New Philadelphia Police Captain Paul Rossi and Officer Tessa Pohovey, Tuscarawas County Jail Sgt. Cheri Creager, and Dover Police Officer Sean Leffler. (Jim Cummings, The Times-Reporter/Gatehouse Media

TUSCARAWAS COUNTY (Tusco TV) - Area law enforcement and healthcare officials will be putting their strength and endurance to the test as they take on a mud-filled obstacle course to help children battling cancer.

Dover Police Patrolman Sean Leffler says he’s part of a six-member local team raising money for the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital by competing in the Warrior Dash July 20th at Clay’s Park in North Lawrence. 

“Myself and the other guys and girls that are doing it with us, they’re all from local agencies like Union Hospital, Community Mental Health, the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office and the New Philadelphia Police Department, and we’re participating as St. Jude Heroes in the Heroes Program,” he says.

Leffler says the hospital is trying to raise $25-million to build a new proton therapy center. He says people can help them support the cause by visiting the Team Tusc fundraising page at and making a donation. 

“They can go in the areas where it says to donate to the cause, and if they type in Team Tusc, that should bring up our team...They should be able to find us and they can click on each person, see how much each person has donated, or they can pick their organization with Phila, Dover, CMH, Union Hospital and donate to that respective person,” he explains.

Other law enforcement team members include Captain Paul Rossi and Officer Tessa Pohovey of the New Philadelphia Police Department and Tuscarawas County Jail Sgt. Cheri Creager. The team also includes CMH’s Katherine Wilson and Tess Mcquire from Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital. Leffler says they’ll be hitting the course at 8:30 am if anyone wants to come out and watch them compete. 


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