New Philadelphia, Ohio (WJER) - State transportation officials say their plow trucks will be ready for whatever Mother Nature decides to drop on us this weekend.  

ODOT District 11 spokesperson Lauren Borell says they will be having crews work 12-hour shifts to clear the 3,500 miles of roadway through the seven-county district.

“Our drivers on average travel 35 miles per route. So their assigned route, they’re going that 35 miles so if you don’t see somebody and you think that ODOT’s not been there, they’ve been there and they will be back,” she says. “They’ve just got a lot of ground to cover and they do it as efficiently as they possibly can and safely.”

Borell says their trucks have also been inspected so they're ready to hit the road when the weather makes its way here.

“We’re fully loaded with salt. We have 45,000 tons of salt throughout our seven-county district, so we’re fully loaded with that and ready to go,” she says.

Borell reminds drivers to keep an eye out for salt trucks and give them plenty of room to operate. 



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