No one was injured when a truck veered over the curb strip and into the porch of an East Iron Avenue home Tuesday afternoon. (Photo by Stacey Carmany, Tusco TV) 

Dover, Ohio (WJER) - Dover firefighters say everyone appears to be okay after a truck crashed into a house while five people were inside. 

Captain Brooks Ross says a red truck veered over the curb and into the porch of the home at 77 East Iron Avenue at around 12:30 Tuesday afternoon. He says they believe a medical situation caused the driver to lose control and crash into the porch, which they had to stabilize before taking the driver to Union Hospital. 

It’s just one of those things where you have to look at the situation. In this case, we had to capture the load of that one corner so it wouldn’t collapse. You just use the resources you have, and for us, the only thing tall enough at the time was a ladder. We were able to throw that up. It was just supporting it enough that we could get that patient out of there,” he says.

Ross says the occupants will be able to remain in the home while repairs are made.

“The house seems to be, other than the fact that it’s got a hole in it and the porch is destroyed, it doesn’t seem to be knocked off its foundation. Now, we’re just gonna make sure no one gets hurt and get cleaned up and get out of here,” he says. 

Dover Police will be handling any charges. Ross says the driver does not remember how that crash occurred. 


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