Newcomerstown is increasing surveillance at this former landfill after several wells on the property started emitting methane. (Photo by Stacey Carmany)

Newcomerstown, Ohio - Village officials are working to increase surveillance at a former landfill site.

Newcomerstown Mayor Pat Cadle says several of the wells at the village-owned site have started burping methane, so he says they will be adding two additional wells to monitor the situation. 

“As long as they’re doing that, you have to monitor that. You have to notify the EPA, and when it becomes consistent, and we have one well for sure that’s becoming a little more consistent, you have to see is that area that is around that well also getting some of that methane gas,” he explains. 

Cadle says this situation is not dangerous, but it’s something they have to get under control before the can move forward with plans to utilize the land for solar energy production. 

“We have to get this under control, too, if we’re looking at putting solar on top of the landfill for production. So it’s just one of those things you’re taking care of before you can go on to the next project,” he says.

The landfill is located on College Street near the Tuscarawas River, adjacent to the former Simonds property that was recently acquired by the village. Cadle says they plan to install the new wells on that property. 

“That’s where we also benefitted from having the Simond’s factory is we can move onto that property to put those wells in because that property is right beside the landfill where the methane has increased lately,” he says.

Cadle says the Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne joint recycling district is covering the cost to install the new wells. The village has a contract with North Point Environmental to monitor all the wells at the site.


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