Newcomerstown school officials say the district's new all-weather, indoor athletic facility is expected to open in the spring. (Tusco TV)

NEWCOMERSTOWN (Tusco TV) - Newcomerstown school officials say the field house that’s been under construction at Lee Stadium since last spring should be opening its doors after the first of the year.  

Superintendent Jeff Staggs says most of the exterior work has already been completed for the multi-sport indoor athletic facility so no it’s a matter of finishing up the inside. 

"Drywall is going in today. The lights are being hung today. All the blocks and fixtures, most of them are all done. Basically, we’re just doing the little things," he says.

Staggs says he expects the project will be finished sometime in February because the crew has to let everything cure for 90 days before they can put in the flooring. The district will host a ribbon-cutting after that to showcase the facility, and Staggs thinks people will be impressed with the opportunities it creates for Newcomerstown’s student-athletes.

"There’s a full-sized gym, a two-lane track, a pit to pole vault in the facility. There is a baseball and softball cage so that can be done year-round," he says.

Staggs says the Kimble Foundation gave $24,000 to purchase new lockers, while the Rosenberry Foundation contributed around $8,000 to help outfit the building’s fitness center. 


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