Newcomerstown, Ohio (WTUZ)  – Newcomerstown officials have issued a boil alert following a water main break Saturday evening.

Assistant Water Superintendent Jeff Walters said a top came off of a valve which led to heavy flooding in the area of West Main Street and Bridge Street near Huntington Bank.

 “We have it repaired but we lost all of the water in both of our reservoirs. So, right now we’re trying to bleed all of the air out of our water lines and get our reservoirs filled back up.”

Walters estimates that 4,000 residents were without water. The water department has been diligently working all night to get water back into the pipes.

“We have been pumping for about 8 hours now, so they should have some pressure. Now, some of the people who live on the higher elevations in town on some of the hills probably don’t have water yet but some people do. Just continue to conserve water.”

The water is not safe until the EPA certifies it through testing. Water used for drinking, cooking, or even brushing your teeth needs to be boiled for at least one to three minutes before usage.

The Christ United Methodist Church on Oak Street in Newcomerstown posted a message on Facebook letting residents know they can bring their own containers to fill up from a farm vehicle full of water.

The Mayor’s Office wants neighbors to check on each other, especially the elderly.

The pool will be closed due to this event.

The boil alert is in effect until further notice. If residents have any questions, call the water department at 740-498-7330. - Michele Spring Reporting

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