Newcomerstown, Ohio -Several Newcomerstown streets are getting a complete overhaul this summer, at a cost of just over a million dollars.  

Mayor Pat Cadle says council recently approved the $887,000 bid submitted by William Albert Excavating for their West Street improvement project. Cadle says the project includes some needed utility upgrades and paving along two east-side streets and one alley. 

“You’re talking about West Street, which is the new water line, new sewer; Railroad Street, which is new water line, new sewer. They are some of the oldest we have still left, and then we have a little piece of Canal Street that we’re going to put in,” he says.

Cadle says they will be upgrading to four-inch water lines as part of this project. He says residents should see a noticeable increase in water pressure once the work is completed. 

“What we’re doing is we’re changing all the water and sewer lines,” he says. “West Street has a one-inch water supply, which is not very much so you can imagine how low the pressure is for those people.”

Cadle says they will also be connecting the lines together in a loop to eliminate five dead ends in their system.

“Dead ends are not good because it’s usually dirtier water. We have to clean those out a lot more often, whereas, when the water circulates and loops, it’s fresher, it’s cleaner and it’s better for our residents,” he says. “It’s a lot less work for us too as far as cleaning out when we do fire hydrants and stuff.” 

Cadle says the total cost is just over a million dollars including engineering. He says the village has been awarded $300,000 in grants to use toward the project. 


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