New Philadelphia, Ohio (WJER) - City officials are signaling the near completion of the long-awaited city airport hangar project. 

Airport Commission Chair John Zucal says the 12-bay hangar will be ready to house planes within a month, giving a dozen local pilots a new home for their hobby or business.

“We do have the actual physical structure going up, and that is being done by Straitline Structures, and as we speak, they are working very diligently with that in hopes of meeting a timetable where we should be up and ready with the new hangar by mid-March for sure,” he says.

Zucal says they will be hosting a ceremony at the airport to commemorate the new building and thank everyone involved in making it possible.

“Our goal is to try to make the community aware of something that we do have as another asset to the community here in New Philadelphia at Harry Clever Field and to celebrate the accomplishment that we have worked so diligently for. 

Zucal says they will get the word out when that ribbon cutting ceremony is planned. The hangar has been in the works since 2016, slowed by several financial obstacles like city records discrepancies and failed bid attempts before finally coming to fruition this year. 


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