New Philadelphia, Ohio (WJER) - City council members say they have some more work to do on an ordinance installing a permitting process for local businesses.

The legislation would require businesses like food trucks to go through a yearly safety inspection by the city’s fire department before they could operate in New Philadelphia. It would also come with a $50, but Three Lil Piggies BBQ food truck owner Patrick Barbee says he wants to have a system that ensures out-of-town food trucks are also being inspected.

“If other trucks come into town, I’m not understanding how we’re going to make them pay or like First Town Days, Schoenbrunn truck festival. How are we gonna carry out this payment plan?” he says.

Council agreed to hold the ordinance for a fourth reading while they address Barbee’s concerns. Meanwhile, Fire Chief Jim Parrish says he’s hoping for a solution so they can begin those safety inspections throughout the city.

“It is basically for the purpose of making sure that the fire inspection bureau is notified of any new construction,” he says. “Again, it’s just trying to increase the margin of safety for people that work and live here. 

Parrish says the inspection would cover things like fire suppression systems, as well as safe storage practices of equipment like propane tanks and other hazardous materials. 


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