This new, handicap-accessible picnic shelter at Cy Young Park will feature plenty of electrical outlets to give people a place to plug in their crockpots. (Photo by Stacey Carmany, Tusco TV)

Newcomerstown, Ohio - Cy Young Park will have another for people to plug in their crockpots during summer get-togethers. 

Newcomerstown Mayor Pat Cadle says construction is wrapping up on a new picnic shelter replacing one damaged during a storm.

"Last year during one of our spring storms, a tree came down right on top of one of our older shelters and little smaller shelters, too. We cut off the end that had gotten demolished but we decided why don’t we put something a little bigger and nicer up there," he says.
Cadle says the new shelter will be able to accommodate 80 to 100 people, with plenty of electrical outlets for people to plug into to keep food hot. He says they’re hoping this will cut down on the competition to rent the pavilions. 

"Our two big pavillions down at the bottom, it’s a rat race trying to keep up with because people want them for their summer reunions and parties and things and a lot of times they don’t need the whole thing. They need half but they want the electrical outlets that are there for the crockpots and to keep food warm," he says.

Cadle says the shelter is already up and the electrical work has been completed. He says all they have to do now is pour the concrete to finish the job. 

"We’re hoping they’ll be done, in fact, we expect it to be done before summer starts. We’ve reserved it two or three times already so it better be, but it just needs the cement pad laid on it now. Everything else is done," he says.

Cadle says the village is also looking at some additional park improvements for this year like repairing and replacing the dugouts, fences, and bleachers at the Little League fields.


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