NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) - The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District is getting ready to move on to phase two of its master plan. 

Spokeswoman Adria Bergeron says the board of directors has approved an additional $65-million in improvements. They include the continuation of upgraded camping facilities and rental cabins, along with the addition of some requests coming from the public… (with recreational amenities such as new playgrounds, spray grounds and sports courts)

“The exciting thing about phase two is that it will also begin to address some of the amenities and things such as playgrounds or some of the fun things that you can do when you actually come to visit one of the locations,” she says. 

Bergeron says phase one has focused more on electrical, plumbing and infrastructure upgrades as well as campground renovations. 

“As we begin to complete some of those projects, then it becomes a very long discussion between park staff, our engineering department and results of our customer surveys as to what types of things we can begin to address in phase two,” she says.

Bergeron says the projects are again being funded through oil and gas leases.   


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