STRASBURG (WJER) - Police say a recent visit to Circle K appears to have cost one customer a little more than pocket change. 

Police say someone apparently dropped and left behind a packet of crystal meth in front of the cash register Saturday evening. Chief Dave Warrick says the clerk found the packet and called police, but so far they have been unable to locate the person responsible.

“Upon looking at the video footage from Circle K that they had produced to us, there was a numerous amount of people in and out of the establishment, and the area in which it was actually dropped was obscured by some display racks on the counter,” he says. 

Warrick says they made a post on social media about this incident to tell everyone this kind of thing can happen anywhere, which has been getting some encouraging responses.

“They seemed to express their thanks for the clerk and the officer for taking this out of the public’s availability to prevent anybody else from picking it up or any other circumstances like that,” he says.  

Warrick says the packet weighed approximately 0.9 grams. He’s unsure of the street value, but it would carry a felony possession charge. 



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