Washington, DC (WJER) - Our representatives in Washington are talking about what they want to see next with another government shutdown possible in three weeks. 

Democratic US Senator Sherrod Brown says he wants lawmakers to make sure that those employees returning to work today get their back pay. He has introduced legislation that would also provide back pay to contract workers not directly employed by the federal government who lost work because of the shutdown.  

“We must take action now to ensure all workers get the paychecks they’re owed including janitorial and food service and other contract workers who have been hurt by the president’s shutdown,” he says. 

Meanwhile, Republican 6th District Congressman Bill Johnson says re-opening the government represents a step in the right direction, although he says the main sticking point on funding for selective physical barriers on our southern border still remains.

Brown also wants to see progress on border security, but not wall construction.

“Democrats and Republicans alike agree we need to work together to secure our borders. We should work together to fix our immigration system,” he says.

Johnson says if an agreement can’t be reached, the only option President Trump will have is to declare a National Emergency on the southern border.


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