Gnadenhutten, Ohio (WTUZ) - The Indian Valley School District is looking for the community’s support for a new stadium project in Gnadenhutten.

The Board of Education approved a 2-mill bond issue, estimated around $7-million over 28 years, to construct a new football stadium near the high school.

The issue will be on the November ballot, but Superintendent Ira Wentworth assures residents that, because of a current project bond issue expiring, the community will see no new taxes.

“[It] would not start collection until after the 1995 bond has been retired and this current effort does not exceed what the 95′ issues amount is so the taxpayers would not notice a difference as far as their tax bill.”

The Board has taken steps to accrue 19 acres of land adjacent to the softball field at the high school at the price of $15,000 an acre, which would be contingent on the bond issue passing in November.

Meanwhile, Kelley Field in Midvale, which has served the district for around 70 years, would get some upgrades. Wentworth says the history and tradition of the stadium near Midvale Elementary would continue to serve the district for community walking and additional athletic programs.

Wentworth adds that a new stadium would provide opportunities beyond football and track and field, including softball, baseball and band.

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