UHRICHSVILLE - Tuscarawas County’s Safe Communities Coalition is turning its attention to the Twin Cities with an event that encourages children and families to practice good safety habits this summer.

Coordinator Kelly Snyder says they’re hosting a community safety day this Friday from 11 to 2  at the Uhrichsville McDonald’s. She says the event includes opportunities for children to check out the vehicles used by law enforcement and first responders, and for parents to make sure their car seats are properly installed. 

"For those who are eligible, if they need one, we will actually have free car seats available, so they just have to stop in and we’ll talk to them and see if they’re eligible," she says. "If they do have a car seat that’s already installed and they want us to make sure it’s installed correctly, we can do that as well."
Snyder says Safety Town will also be on hand talking to children about bicycle safety. 

"Children can bring their bikes and ride through Safety Town. We’ll have somebody there to teach them the do’s and don’ts of safe bike riding, and we’ll have free bicycle helmets," she says. 

Snyder says they hold these events at various locations throughout the year to get people thinking about the simple things they can do to protect themselves and their families. 

"So it’s just to get out and work with the community on safety issues and talk to them about what’s safe and what they can do to make their children safer," she says.

Also during the event, Tthe coalition will also be working with state troopers and Uhrichsville Police to conduct seatbelt checks and offering a special reward to people who remember to buckle up.


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