The Kent State Tuscarawas Alumni Association's annual Glowway 5K run is this Saturday at Harry Clever Field in New Philadelphia. (Kent State University at Tuscarawas) 

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) - Kent State Tuscarawas is recruiting runners to lace up their shoes and help with tuition for some students in the process. 

The Geib Funeral Center is again sponsoring the annual 5k Glow Run this Saturday at 7:15 pm at Harry Clever Field. Kent State Tuscarawas Director Of Advancement Chad Conrad says proceeds benefit their alumni association scholarship fund.  

“Scholarships are very important for students locally. Even with the reasonable tuition that we have down at the campus, scholarships can really mean the difference between students being there or not. [It’s] very important event for us to raise dollars for that and then again to have fun and it’s really a way to kick off the fall semester, too,” he says.

Conrad says the course starts runners off on the tarmac and takes them out onto East High, behind the airport and around Schoenbrunn with the runway lit up as they approach the finish line.

“This is really a popular one for us. It’s I think our sixth-annual event for this as a glow run. It started out at the campus but then we moved it next door to the New Philadelphia airport. It’s just kind of a unique racetrack to go on for these individuals,” he says.

Race-day registration is $25 for Saturday night’s Glow Run.  




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