Attorney Mike Warkall was recently tapped to replace former Garaway Board of Education member Rob Coburn who resigned after moving out of the district. (Tusco TV(

SUGARCREEK (Tusco TV) - Garaway has a complete board of education once again after filling the vacancy created by a recent resignation.

The board last week appointed to Mike Warkall as the temporary replacement for Rob Coburn, who resigned relocating outside the school district. Superintendent James Millet says Warkall has some great qualities they feel make him an ideal fit for the position. 

"He’s an involved community member, a parent in our district. He’s an attorney so he brings a strong professional background to the board. Just a committed and caring person in so many ways. He works with the Sugarcreek Rotary to impact our community, just everything you’re looking for in a board member," he says.

Warkall will hold the position through the end of the year and will have to run for election in November if he wants to finish out the two years left on Coburn’s term. He says he hasn’t made a decision either way at this point.
"I’m going to fill the term, the unexpired term of Rob Coburn, and then we’ll see what happens after that," he says. "I haven’t decided whether I’m going to run but agreed to finish out his term until the end of the year at least."
Warkall is a 1986 Garaway graduate and the father of three former Garaway students after his youngest graduated this past weekend. 


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